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The students’ levels of Japanese will be determined via an online test and a speaking check by one of our instructors (a level check is not required for beginner students).

Classes utilize a flipped learning approach where students study new material prior to the class and spend the class practicing their conversation skills with the aim of utilizing what they have just studied. In addition, students are provided with many opportunities to produce output (via writing and grammar exercises and reading comprehension) in order to improve their knowledge and strengthen the four core language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).

Regular counseling sessions and level-check tests will be conducted to provide students with personalized learning support.

Once all the lessons have been completed, you will receive a report detailing the results obtained by the students.


■ Number of students per class:
20 people

■ Lesson type:

■ Length:

■Number of lessons:
140 lessons

※1:(20 lessons per month) × 7months=140 lessons

■Time spent studying per day:

※2:Preparation〔1h〕+Online Lesson 〔2h〕+Review〔1h〕=4hours

■ Total time spent studying:
560 hours
(※3)(280 hours of lesson time)

※3:4hours× 140 days =560 hours

■ Follow-up:
 ・Achievement test held twice a month
 ・E-learning lesson management

Affiliations with Overseas Universities

UPH partnership flag
UPH partnership press

A Japanese language program produced in partnership with the University of Perpetual Help (UPH)

In response to the growing interest in Japanese language learning in Asian countries, we have formed a business alliance with UPH, the largest private university in the Philippines, to produce a Japanese language education program offered in the Philippines.

  • UPH will open and operate blended learning programs as extension courses using the Japanese language education contents and methods provided by ECC.
  • The program will be used to help students acquire the Japanese language skills needed to enter Japanese language schools, universities, and vocational schools in Japan, or to find employment at local Japanese companies.

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