Japanese Language Learning Support for Ukrainian Evacuees in Japan

As many Ukrainian citizens have been forced to flee their country due to Russia’s military invasion, the Japanese Government has started accepting Ukrainian evacuees into the country. Given these circumstances, ECC Co., Ltd., as part of its efforts to support world peace through education, has decided to provide free Japanese language education to Ukrainian evacuees.

Details of Support

Online Japanese Group Lessons (20 Lessons total)

Learning the expressions commonly used in daily conversation that are necessary for life in Japan through having genuine conversations will allow students to familiarize themselves with Japanese. As students learn through speaking, they will also acquire correct Japanese pronunciation, accent, and intonation. Explanations are given using simple English, so even students with zero understanding of Japanese can learn with confidence.

Lesson Contents

  • Hiragana and Katakana Characters
    After mastering the pronunciation of each distinct character, students gain a deeper understanding through practicing the pronunciation and intonation of entire words.
  • Japanese Phrases Used in Daily Conversations
    1. Greetings
    2. Introducing yourself (country of origin, hometown, occupation, hobbies, etc.)
    3. Talking about your occupation (what kind of work you do, how your job is going, your working hours, when your days off are, etc.)
    4. Talking about your family (family members, their personalities and occupations, where they live, etc.)
    5. Talking about food (your favorite and least favorite dishes, the names, ingredients, and flavors of dishes, etc.)

About the Lessons

  • Please click the button below and submit the application. We will set a lesson time in accordance with your preferences.
  • In order to take lessons, the following items are required:
    1. Access to the internet
    2. Access to a computer, tablet computer, or smartphone with which to take lessons
Applications Open May 13, 2022
Eligible ApplicantsUkrainian evacuees who have come to Japan
InquiriesECC Co., Ltd. Online・Digital Transformation・Overseas Division Overseas Business Development
“Online Japanese Language Lessons for Ukrainian Evacuees”
Address: ECC General Headquarters Bldg. 5F 1-10-20 Higashi-Temma, Osaka 530-0044
Phone Number: 06-7636-1295
E-mail: information@ecc-fun-nihongo.com
Supported LanguagesJapanese/English
※Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Process of Lesson Application

  1. Application
    Please click the button below and the application.
  2. Schedule adjustment
    We will contact you via email to discuss the day, time, and commencement date of lessons. Please be aware that coordinating lessons may take a little time.
  3. Lessons start
    Before lessons begin we will send you a Zoom URL, the meeting ID, and the passcode for your lessons.